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City Officials


Melanie Hammet

As a professional musician and elected official, Mayor Melanie Hammet’s biography is as eclectic as her music (Little Bitty City © Melanie Hammet 2017). From working on a shrimp boat to sharing the stage with southern musical luminaries; providing grief counseling support for teachers and youth; and serving 15 years as public servant, Hammet’s rich personal history informs both her leadership and her love for her home City.

Mayor Hammet has fostered innovative policy, programming, and leadership in Pine Lake. During her tenure on council, Hammet helped rewrite local zoning, resulting in greater protection for the City’s environment. In these same years, Melanie was awarded residency in Seaside Florida, composing an album of songs about zoning entitled “Edifice Complex.”  

As Mayor, Hammet founded the Municipal Arts Panel (MAP) and created the MAPMakers Grant, a locally funded grant for resident artists. Hammet established the Stewards of Environmental Education and Design (SEED) panel as the eco-partner to MAP. These twin panels define Pine Lake as “Arts’ Natural Habitat.” Mayor Hammet partnered with local educators to establish Kids Town Hall, an event inspiring young residents to participate in their city. Mayor Hammet is currently working with the Pine Lake business district to assemble Poplar Park, a pocket greenspace designed to bring arts activity to the city's Rockbridge corridor. 

As Mayor of Dekalb’s smallest city, Melanie Hammet understands the power of community identity. In a state where more than half of its municipalities have fewer than 2500 residents, small cities are the lifeblood for a resilient future.

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Council Members

Tracey Brantley

Tracey moved to Pine Lake in 2016 from Ocean Springs, MS. She has served as PLAIN Vice President, a member of the Lakefest Committee and a member of the economic development workgroup, (ROKS). “I have watched the accomplishments of the city council over the past few years as a nature-based community that celebrates both nature and the arts. Running for City Council was the logical progression in my efforts to contribute to this amazing community. “ Currently Tracey is the Executive Director for ARCHE (Atlanta Regional Council for Higher Education). She has served military families at Keesler AFB and Gulfport CBC sites, and worked as a cartographer for the National Park Service. She earned a MS in Geography from University of Southern Mississippi and a BS in Geography and BA in Anthropology from UNCC.

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Jean Bordeaux

Jean Bordeaux moved to Pine Lake from Decatur in 2010 with her partner, Gayle. Both had recently retired and were looking for a friendly community where they could enjoy all that “free time”. Having become familiar with the Architectural Review Board while doing a renovation on their house, Jean became a member of the Board in early 2011 and served as Chair from late 2012 until the end of 2014 at which time the ARB was disbanded.

Prior to retirement, Jean worked over thirty years in various financial positions including Controller and Audit Manager for a Fortune 50 company and Financial Reporting Manager for a mid-size Software Company. During her first term in Council she drew from her financial and administrative experience to analyze the city's budget, create and study various annexation scenarios and to lead the committee that launched the new Website in early 2018.  

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Augusta Woods

Augusta Woods moved from Michigan to Georgia more than 20 years ago and has lived in Pine Lake for 5 years with her husband Dwight. She has two children a son and a daughter (and son in law) and two step daughters. She has served on the Pine Lake Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee and attends Pine Lake Baptist Church. Over the years, she has had a number of jobs from working at a non-profit as Coordinator of Harvest Home, a transitional home for single mothers to Retail Manager and Co-Owner of New Life Wardrobe Services, an image consulting company teaching people the art of putting on a professional image. Augusta served on the Saginaw City Planning commission in Michigan. She is currently semi-retired and working part time as an independent contractor for Glacier’s Industrial Supplies Company.

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Nívea Castro

Nívea is nicely settled in her Pine Lake forever home which she purchased in 2019. She is a native New Yorker and has lived in and traveled to assorted and diverse places around the globe.

As a social justice advocate and now retired attorney, Nívea has led and/or been involved in social, economic, and political advocacy such as anti-war demonstrations, the first LGBT March on Washington, electoral politics (i.e., Joe Biden’s first run for president), representing abused and neglected children and elders, assisting non-profits and individuals maneuver through the legal system, serving as a Master in Family Court, earning a black belt in martial arts/teaching self-defense to girls and women, renovating and facilitating the rental/purchase of affordable housing and twice taking leadership roles (interim executive director, Board President) in failing organizations guiding/managing them to solid financial and programming footing necessary to survive and thrive.  

Nívea is also a scuba diver, photographer, and writer working on her first novel. You can email Nivea at