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Tree Removal

In 2007, Pine Lake adopted a Tree Conservation Ordinance, designed to provide reasonable minimum standards regarding the preservation, protection and maintenance of trees within the city. The ordinance requires residents to apply for and receive a tree removal permit prior to removing any tree over 6 feet tall.

Here is a brief summary of residential tree removal procedures.

  • Prior to removal, a tree removal permit must be filed with the City Administrator (see link below.)
  • In the case of a tree that is an immediate hazard to a residence or person, the tree may be removed prior to receiving a permit. However, a document from a certified arborist must be submitted with the subsequent tree permit application verifying that the tree was hazardous and warranted emergency removal.
  • Landmark, Boundary, Buffer or Protected trees require special treatment.
  • The ordinance requires that certain canopy coverage be maintained; re-planting may be required.

Tree Removal Permit