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Long Term Plans

Annexation Plans

Pine Lake Annextion Map

Update: In 2018 Council determined that rather than concentrating on annexation we would put that energy into improving the Rockbridge Commercial Corridor. All annexation plans except for tw properties on Rockbridge road were tabled for the foreseeable future.

In April 2017 after conducting two Town Hall meetings to discuss the pros and cons of annexation, a Work Group was formed of residents and Council members to make a recommendation to Council on how to proceed. The Work group presented a three phase plan to Council at the August 14th meeting and at the August 29th meeting the Annexation Plan and Map was approved unanimously.

Starting in Q1 of 2018 we will begin an Annexation Study for the 1st phase mapped out in the plan, with the intention of getting legislative support to present a bill to the 2019 Georgia Legislative Session.

Annexation Plan and Map