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Our Mission

It is the mission of the Pine Lake Police Department to provide the finest police services to our community. It is our mission to carry out our duties with the utmost integrity, accountability, professionalism, discipline, care, consistency and even compassion when called for.

It is our mission to be diligent in our duties as public servants and it will always be an honor to serve and duty to protect the people of the Pine Lake Community.

It is our mission to give no rest to the wicked and those who seek to destroy the fabric of our community through serious criminal conduct.

It is our mission to serve as a beacon of light for progressive and forward thinking law enforcement and to use all of the tools known to modern law enforcement to root out illegal conduct from our community to ensure the safety and superior quality of life of our residents, businesses and visitors.

It is our mission to always keep our fingers on the pulse of our community to be ever vigilant in maintaining the meaningful and comprehensive community relationships that we have already successfully established from this date to perpetuity.

Sarai Y’hudah-Green
Chief of Police - City of Pine Lake