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Pictorial History

Original Advertisement for Lots in Pine Lake 1935

Advertisement 1935

Building the berm between the creek and the lake

1952: Building the berm
Snapfinger Creek originally flowed directly into the lake on the east and out to the west. The berm on the north side did not exist. In 1952 the berm was built and has been there ever since. 
Building the berm
Building the berm

The Pine Lake Volunteer Fire Department

Fire Department

In the early days, Pine Lake had its own volunteer fire department, led by Ernest Harrelson. This is the fire truck. It was housed in the garage on the west side of the Clubhouse. The truck had no starter, so whenever there was a fire everyone jumped on and the driver headed down the hill and bump-started it when sufficient speed was attained. The garage for the fire truck still sits next to the Clubhouse, with the doors facing a downhill section of Forrest Rd. This was situated in this way to allow the truck to be pushed out and down the hill to get it started.

According to Pine Lake legend, during WWII, when many of the men were fighting overseas, most of the firefighters were women. Unsure how that reconciles with the notation on the picture above that the VFD started in 1945.

From a Chapel to a Courthouse and Police Station

Chapel 1942

In 1939 the Pine Lake Interdenominational Chapel was organized, and for a number of years it served as the City's house of worship. The original Chapel was only one story (stone). Later the brick portion was built as the Carl Schaub Memorial Building, which now serves as the Council Chambers and Courthouse. The original Chapel serves as the Pine Lake Police station.

Chapel 1953

The Clubhouse

Clubhouse, garden
Clubhouse, new kitchen
Clubhouse Clubhouse

The exact date that the Clubhouse was built is unknown, but it was deeded to the City of Pine Lake by the Pine Woods Company on February 7th, 1938.

Women have been a big part of the development of Pine Lake from the beginning. The Clubhouse was used by all, but largely by the Pine Lake Women’s Club, which was organized in February 1938 with 57 members. Standing Committees included: 

  • Yearbook
  • Memberships
  • Programs
  • House & Grounds
  • Ways & Means
  • Telephone
  • Transportation
  • Red Cross
  • Publicity

The Beach House

Beach House

Beach House 1966 - In the late 80’s the Beach House became Pizza On The Lake restaurant, to the delight of the residents.

Beach House porch prior to renovation.
Beach House porch prior to renovation
Beach House after the 2013 renovation
Beach House after the 2013 renovation with extended and screened porch.