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Pollinator Picnic

Pine Lake's Municipal Arts Panel will launch "Pollinator Picnic," a Community Art project celebrating Pine Lake’s status as a Bee City and its Monarch Waystation, on Saturday, August 24, 2019. That same day, The Great Georgia Pollinator Census is coming to Pine Lake!

Volunteers from SEED will be leading a Guided Pollinator Count at the Clubhouse and Art Wall as part of the Census. Come help us make Pollinator History! 

“Pollinator Picnic” is the second public art exhibit in the City's ongoing “Public Works at Public Works” outdoor exhibit series. The Public Works Art Wall centrally located across from the Pine Lake Clubhouse on Clubhouse Drive, opened in June of 2018. In August of 2018, the area also became a Monarch Waystation.

The public is invited to become citizen scientists and be part of the first ever Great Georgia Pollinator Census.  

Come down to the Pine Lake Clubhouse and Art Wall on Saturday, August 24, from 10 am. to 2 p.m.

Public Works at Public Works presents:
“Pollinator Picnic”
Aerial Photo Early 1930’s
A Community Art Collage celebrating Pine Lake’s first year as a Bee City & Monarch Waystation.
Pine Lake: “Arts’ Natural Habitat” 

Paint A Pollinator

MAP and SEED invite you to paint a pollinator or flower for the "Pollinator Picnic" community collage:

- Pick up your pollinator template at the 4th of July Picnic,

- or email us at:  to let us know you want to paint--we'll make sure you get one!



10 am--12: Join a Guided Pollinator Count of bees, butterflies, moths, and other pollinators in our neighborhood and report your results to the Georgia Pollinator Census.

12--2 pm: Bring a Picnic, enjoy Music by Pine Lake favorites, "Total Babe," meet Pollinator Experts, and help Create a “Pollinator Picnic” Community Collage on the Public Works Art Wall at 300 Clubhouse Dr. Pine Lake GA 30072 BEE THERE!