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Report Illicit Discharge


The City of Pine Lake operates and manages a separate municipal storm sewer system (MS4) under a Phase I National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit issued by Georgia Environmental Protection Division. As a requirement of this permit the City is required to implement a program to detect and eliminate illicit discharges into the permitted receiving waterbodies. As defined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and adopted into the City of Pine Lake Illicit Discharge ordinance, an illicit discharge is any discharge to the storm system other than rain water. Should you have knowledge of, or suspect an illicit discharge, please use the official City of Pine Lake Illicit Discharge Report Form found via link below.
The link below will allow you to download the official City of Pine Lake Illicit Discharge Report Form. This form was created to streamline the reporting of possible illicit discharges by Citizens and to facilitate the response of those charged with investigating each claim. Completed forms may be submitted via email to Chief Green at  You may also call 404-292-4250 and report the claim via phone.

City of Pine Lake Illicit Discharge Form

Please provide the following information in your e-mail or voicemail:
• Your Name
• Your Address
• Your Phone Number
• Location or Address of Potential Illicit Discharge
• Type of Discharge Suspected
• Date of Occurrence
• Name of business, if applicable

If the situation is an emergency that could result in imminent danger to the health and safety of persons, please disregard this form and call 911 immediately.