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July 4th Fireworks Policy

On June 26th, the Pine Lake City Council approved a special use permit policy for July 4th fireworks on the beach. Here’s what you need to know if you’re interested in shooting fireworks on Pine Lake Beach on July 4:

  • WHO: Only 10 permits will be issued, first-come, first-served, beginning June 27 at 9am.
  • WHAT: A special use permit must be applied for by the person who will be lighting the fireworks.
    • Obtain a permit by completing the permit and paying the $15 permit fee at City Hall application. You will then sign the permit agreement at the police department.
    • Applicants agree that you or your designee will appear at 9am on Thursday, July 5, to help clean up the beach and lake of fireworks debris. If you fail to appear and help clean up, your eligibility for future special use permits will be denied.
  • WHEN: Fireworks will be allowed to be shot between 9:00pm and 10:00pm ONLY.
  • WHERE: There will be a roped-off designated area for shooting fireworks on the beach.
  • HOW: Only the permit holders will be allowed in the roped area. Only the permit holders will be allowed to shoot the fireworks. Guests and family will be allowed beyond the roped areas to enjoy the fireworks shows.
  • WHY: Georgia recently changed the fireworks laws and the regulatory rules surrounding their use. Pine Lake’s new ordinance brings us into compliance with state law, and our intent in writing the law this way was to compromise between those who enjoy the community building and celebration of fireworks with the interests of those with safety, noise, and pollution concerns.
  • PLEASE REMEMBER: Pine Lake cannot stop anyone who chooses to shoot fireworks off on their own property if they’re within the times allowed by state law. Pine Lake cannot control what happens outside of Pine Lake borders.